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Ensemble Festival 24 Saturday 20 & Sunday 21 July

Ensemble Festival 24

Gorilla Circus – RPM

Gorilla Circus

RPM stands for revolutions per minute as Gorilla Circus present a mesmeric new show combining acrobatics, street dance and roller skating, performed on a giant moving treadmill. RPM explores tragic, comic and absurd aspects of modern society, unravelling links with the UK’s troubled history and asking the question, ‘Has this country ever confronted its colonial past?’

About Gorilla Circus
Gorilla Circus are an independent circus production company based in the UK, delivering interactive, large-scale and outdoor contemporary shows for all ages; comprised of aerial spectaculars and ground-level performances, including dancers, high-wire walking, parkour artists and trapeze performers.

Typically, our shows are performed on eye-catching custom structures which include zip lines, hydraulics, moving props, and various special effects, and are as much a character and part of the show as the performers. Inspiring and entertaining for all ages, our work is created with the intention of educating, and provoking thought and discussion about global issues.

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