New Commission for 2022

harmony. (天人合一) is presented by Ellandar Productions. Ellandar Productions amplify and prioritise stories and shared histories from British East and Southeast Asians (BESEA), British Muslims, and female identifying artists.

harmony. (天人合一) is an outdoor dance-theatre work exploring harmony between nature and humanity (tien-rén-hé-yi). Two dancers represent the spirit of water and earth in a duet exploring balance and togetherness. The tale is interwoven with East Asian mythologies and an ancient worship of the Earth from British Druidism. Danced by two BESEA performers, the piece speaks about how Chinese diaspora migrants build new spiritual connections to new spaces. The two dancers, representing a blend of mythological nature deities and spirits, will begin as separate entities and finish intertwined in physical shapes which represent togetherness and harmony.

harmony. (天人合一) has been specially commissioned by Certain Blacks for Ensemble Festival 2022. This commission was made possible by Foundation for Future London.

Venue – Royal Victoria Docks, Western Gate Way, London, E16 1FA

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