Joli Vyanna – Timeless

Joli Vyann use their unique and dynamic style of dance, circus and theatre on a 7m high rotating hourglass, to tell the story of civilisation as we know it and its fragile relationship with time and nature. The performance moves through a narrative of climate change, its consequences, and the larger question of how humanity copes with the precarious balance that could at any point tip into chaos. Four performers dance, leap, gracefully balance and throw themselves with acrobatic prowess around, on and inside the rotating hourglass.

Joli Vyann was created in 2012 by Olivia Quayle and Jan Patzke. Joli Vyann integrate circus, dance and theatre in their own unique style where each genre has an equal role. Their style is to blur the boundaries of where dance ends and circus skills begin, but also to pull the audience into an emotive experience, drawn in by the characters, the fragility and precision of dance and acrobatic skill.

Joli Vyann’s work explores the precarious nature of mixing dance and acrobatics, playing with contradictions, subtlety and breaking conventions. They have a strong theme of female empowerment in their work as well as strength in their versatility and attention to detail.

Venue – Royal Victoria Docks, Western Gate Way, London, E16 1FA

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