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“Home is a landmark. A landmark being a distinct building, feature, person, object, somatic and/or psychic experience. These landmarks let us know where we are and who we are in space. Once a landmark changes or disappears the landscape shifts, often leaving us in a place of disorientation. Sometimes this lasts for years”.

Landmarks is a new outdoor piece from socially engaged artist Omikemi. Drawing on personal experiences of familial estrangement and other forms of disrupted belonging, this immersive ritual performance uses poetry, sound, and movement to take us on an intimate exploration of our outer and inner landscapes.

Landmarks has been specially commissioned by Certain Blacks for Ensemble Festival 2022. This commission was made possible by Foundation for Future London.

About Omikemi

Omikemi is an artist creating care-driven spaces focused on listening and alongsideness. They sometimes do this through writing, body work, workshop facilitation, creative mentoring and friendship. Their writing has been published in numerous publications including Rialto and Ten: poets of a new generation (Bloodaxe). Recent care-driven collaborations include CRIPtic for Spread the Word, Arika, Radical Rhizomes and Spare Tyre Theatre

They currently work as freelance writer and creative mentor for Disability Arts Online and body worker for The Heartwood ( an online and in-person Black-centred body work space

Venue – Royal Victoria Docks, Western Gate Way, London, E16 1FA

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