New Commission for 2022

Rainmaking is an outdoor physical game exploring campaign by means of playfulness. We invite the audience to a giant cat’s cradle game with a 25-meter-long red rope, using their bodies to collaborate on a campaign for rain. It’s not the everyday London rain, of course.

Participants are invited to write down the things they wish to happen, big or small, through this little ritual. They are challenged to testify their collective effort.

Rainmaking is a campaign aiming to make it rain. Write down your wishes, and together we march. Collaboratively we testify to the question of ‘what if’.

We play the Cat’s Cradle with our bodies, just like as kids we believed the game would bring about rain.

We run towards our friends till we meet and celebrate, where we accomplish the march by looking up to see:

One raindrop, two raindrops.

Do you believe it? Would you join?

Venue – Royal Victoria Docks, Western Gate Way, London, E16 1FA

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