Ensemble Festival 2022

Tara Theatre Final Farewell  4 shows – 12 Noon, 1.30pm, 3pm, & 4.30 pm
Final Farewell is a moving theatrical experience that captures the voices of individuals and a little bl’N pug in four poignant audio stories. Each of these stories has been carefully crafted by writer Sudha Bhuchar, who has spoken and listened in depth to real people’s memories and accounts of their loved ones who were lost during Covid-19.
As you wander with friends and other community members, you’ll hear the imagined voices and stories of Shahin, Baby Han, Ann and Oberon in a truly immersive and unique experience. At the conclusion of the experience, we will gather at the tree installation where you will be able to take some time to reflect on your own memories of loved ones and commemorate their lives. Final Farewell is conceived and directed by Abdul Shayek and written by Sudha Bhuchar
Content warning: contains themes of loss and grief Final Farewell is co-commissioned by FESTIVAL.ORG, Certain Blacks and Without Walls.

Venue – Royal Victoria Docks, Western Gate Way, London, E16 1FA

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