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Soul On Ice

Soul on Ice takes its name from the seminal 1968 book by the writer, activist and Black Panther, Eldridge Cleaver. This initially shocking, now classic, memoir challenged and changed forever the way in which America understood the Civil Rights Movement and the black experience. In our Soul on Ice, we also want to challenge perceptions and provide space for the new. For this festival, we have programmed new work alongside performances by established and pioneering artists. We invite you to share and enjoy a range of creative responses to questions about the human condition, diversity, and issues of self, identity and improvisation (the role of improvisation?). 

Soul on Ice will present a dance performance from Extended Play at The Place, music from jazz musicians brought together by Katalyst Conversation, cabaret from The Cocoa Butter Club and circus theatre from Hanna Finn Contortion Girl. The festival will also include an afternoon of live art commissions from Bold Mellon Collective and Diana Amma Gyankoma Abankwah, Anna Mudeka’s music theatre show, Mama Afrika, about Miriam Makeba, and will close with a festival afternoon and evening party hosted by Social Convention. 

  for Full program events and information please use the link Here

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